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This time last year, shortly into the first UK lockdown, the Cosin Library Project looked like it would simply forge ahead as planned. I had started in early January with drawing up plans, getting the recruitment for the two project posts up and running, and plotting the reopening of the library in the summer. 

Things did not go quite according to plan. 

As the year continued, delays became inevitable and I had to rewrite plans as soon as I had drafted them (I still have to!).  

It is therefore incredibly exciting to be able to present our very own Cosin’s Library website. This will act as a virtual gateway to the fascinating stories around the building, the books, and the people associated with them from its earliest days in the late seventeenth century to the present day. 

We will showcase the collections, give information about existing resources, and share the wonderful new work being created by our teams and the local artists we are working with. I would suggest bookmarking the website and coming back regularly to see what we have added, or to follow us via @cosinslibrary on Twitter. 

I’m also really excited about our programme of Cosin’s Library activities for this summer. From poetry to music, and quilting to zine-making, there is bound to be something of interest. Events will be led by artists and are free of charge, but places are limited. Have a look on our events page and do sign up for one or more activities if you fancy getting creative. 

Last but not least, I want to thank everyone who has been involved in keeping the project alive over the last year. The list is longer than I had anticipated, but there is so much enthusiasm and passion for Cosin’s Library. I hope some of that will shine through in everything that we offer you in the coming months. 


Project Manager and Rare Books Librarian